[GLLUG] Messed up X colors

Jeffrey Utter utterjef@zelda.cl.msu.edu
Mon, 1 Jul 2002 09:30:53 -0400 (EDT)

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So there I was, minding my own business trying to launch Xcalc to figure
up my grades, when what should happen but my Debian Linux machine locks
up.  I stared at my screen in disbelief as nothing was working.  Now
usually I can fix the situation by turning 30 degrees to my right and
using my handy dandy laptop to ssh in and kill stuff.  But the machine
would only reply to a ping, no ssh.  So I hit the little reset button.  
Upon reboot I find that my SCSI drive has some major errors, o.k. no
problem right I'll just fsck it and move on..  but oh no..  the drive is
so bad that by hadware won't even let the kernel boot to the fsck
point.  So I did some SCSI card swaps and finally got the machine to boot,
and got the drive fixed.  So I boot again.  Once it is booted I see a nice
colorful login display, with blue "Debian GNU Linux" and a bright blue
swirl, this would be good except for the fact that they are supposed to be
red.  Oh well I move on.  Once logged in I find that all of my colors are
messed up.  Blue is Green, Green is Red, and Red is Blue.  WTF?  The
colors look just fine in console mode, and I've checked the wires (passed
the jiggle test, and the pull stare and replace test) But in X all my
colors are pooched.  This happens in everything, if it was a blue graphic,
now it's a Green one, if it was Red text now it's Blue....

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So when you have BRG color instead of RGB color, how do you get it back to

In other words, what file did I fsck up when I fscked the disk?

Jeffrey Utter

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