[GLLUG] Meeting Notes

Brian Hoort hoortbri@msu.edu
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 08:51:12 -0400

Last night's meeting was a great success. Jeff Lawton's demonstration of 
installing IPCOP, a Linux based NAT/firewall/http caching/router, was 
fantastic! It went without a hitch, excepting a little confusion plugging 
the right cable into the right port. The presentation was interesting to 
persons at all levels of ability and was especially appropriate for persons 
who have yet to implement a NAT router for their home LAN. Thank You Jeff 

The introductory presentation on vi will be presented at a future meeting.

There were two new attendees at the meeting.

The next meeting will be in two weeks at Jeff Lawton's house in Dewitt. He 
will be posting directions nearer to that meeting.

Faithfully submitted,

Brian Hoort
GLLUG Secretary of the Week
(with honorary parking spot)