[GLLUG] Next/future meetings: What do people want?

jo@groupinfo.com jo@groupinfo.com
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 16:26:40 -0400

On 16 Jul 2002 at 16:22, Matt Graham wrote:
> Qt programming sounds good to me, at least.  I've never had the time
> to think much about GUI programming in Linux.
> Would you be approaching it from KDevelop or from emacs?  Yes, I know
> emacs is the way to go, but I've been using VC++ for about 2 years now
> and have gotten used to some of its features (type
> "pointer_to_class->" and you see a dropdown list of all the functions
> you can call, great when working with large projects with hundreds of
> different classes; select a variable or class name and right-click,
> choose "Go to definition of <FOO>"; etcetera.)  KDevelop looks
> interesting, wish I could play with it for a bit right now.

  Well, I'm very much an emacs rather than IDE person (I'm running it at work as my Visual C++ editor in fact, 
under cygwin) but I could probably play around enough with kdevelop to give a coherent idea of how to use it. 
Trolltech pretty uniformly uses emacs or vi and GNU make on Linux, for what it's worth :)