[GLLUG] Site Poll

Mike Rambo mrambo@lsd.k12.mi.us
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 09:21:15 -0400

Brad Fears wrote:
> In an attempt to increase attendance at our meetings, we have posted a
> new poll on the GLLUG website (gllug.org).
> "The best night for me to attend meetings would be:"
> I realize that this is not the most comprehensive way to determine which
> days suit which people, but it will at least start us in the right
> direction.
> --Brad Fears

Would it be better to have multiple choice? I just voted for Tuesday
(because I thought that was the day they used to be on when I first
became a part of GLLUG) but in reality I could go for any day _except_
Wednesday. Also, there are two of us here that consider ourselves part
of GLLUG but we're behind a firewall and we go through a bunch of NAT
changes because of the way the WAN is setup. When Jeff tries to vote he
gets a message that about being able to vote only once because I've
already voted.

Mike Rambo