[GLLUG] java for Konq

chuckwilliam1@netscape.net chuckwilliam1@netscape.net
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:51:37 GMT

For the JRE ...

then pick platform /version like linux j2se 1.3.1 (but not lower than 1.2.2)
then pick like linux "download" for JRE (java runtime environment). 

better still pic SDK (software development kit) and you get JRE plus you can 
compile and write your own java. 

chuck williams 



>    1. java for Konq (Brian Hoort)

> On 16 Jul 2002 at 13:02, Brian Hoort wrote: 
>> So what java do I load for Konqueror? I can't log into my bank. An
>> 'apt-cache search java' brings up a lot of hits... Me-thinks waba,
>> rhino, orp, ngs-js, kissme, java-common, java-virtual-machine-dummy,
>> or gcj?
>   *blinks* gcj /definitely/ won't help, it's a compiler (gcc frontend for Java, 
> translating to native code). You want a Java Runtime Environment. The Sun 
> or IBM JVMs are recommended, I'd probably suggest the Sun one just 
> because it's more used and more likely to be 'standard'. 
> --  
> 	Jo