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Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:24:35 -0400


I apologize for the MIME goofiness.  Typically, I use Outlook 2000 when sending/receiving e-mail from this account.  Occasionally, when I'm at home or on the road and can't VPN into the office, I use Outlook Web Access, which doesn't give me the option to send messages as plain text.  I'd have to see what you're seeing to be able to tell what you're not seeing in my messages, if anything.  (Sometimes I don't have anything good to say - so I can see why you might think something was lacking in my messages. :) )  At face value, though, I would assume OE6 would be able to read anything sent from OWA/Exchange2K.


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Does anyone else see anything in Paul Melson's messages other than the
base64-encoded text, without the unencoded text?  I don't mean to pick on
Paul; I'd just like to see what he writes.  Since I haven't gotten my modem
to work with Linux yet (a topic for another message), I'm using Outlook
Express 6 running on Windows 98.


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