[GLLUG] Linux File System

Ex Fed exfed@hotmail.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 03:22:17 +0000

I have a question about ftp, the Linux File system, and file permissions.

I have one directory that has is below a directory owned by root and group 
root.  A sub directory of this directory is foo, it owned by user1 and group 
bar with permissions rwxrwxrx.  Lastly foo2 is a subdirectory of foo, owned 
by user2, group is bar permissions rwxrwxrx.

>From what I noticed if user1 puts files into the foo2 directory, then if 
user2 tries to delete, rename or overwrite these files then there are access 

Is this because the foo directory is above the foo2 directory, or is it 
because user1 owns the file?

User1 and User2 belong to the bar group, so do I have to chown all the newly 
placed files so that they are owned by User2, or should group membership be 
enough to permit User2 access to the files that User1 placed in this User2's 

What could be wrong?


Lee D.

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