Adam Robert Pitcher pitcher2@cse.msu.edu
01 May 2002 15:37:25 -0300

I have OpenLDAP working at CSE.  I used the padl tools and migrated NIS
to ldap.  I then made my own perl scripts to keep it up to date with
NIS.  I also have similar scripts for shadow passwords instead of NIS. 
I can use outlook, netscape, evolution to lookup addresses.  I wrote
some php classes to enable quick ldap auth for web pages.  I also have
sendmail doing lookups against it so I can enable CSE alumni email
addresses without needing a shell account.  I chose ldap for that
purpose so they can login to a web page and change the forwarding
address as they need.

I have docs I can clean up if that interests anyone.


On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 14:38, Edward Glowacki wrote:
> Anyone have any experience setting up an LDAP server such that it can be
> used as an independent address book source from multiple email clients? 
> I'm attempting to use OpenLDAP 2.x to serve IMP and Evolution with
> access restricted to just me, and IMHO setting up LDAP is
> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to complicated (convoluted too!) to get working in a
> timely manner.
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