Edward Glowacki glowack2@msu.edu
01 May 2002 16:03:41 -0300

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 15:13, Melson, Paul wrote:
> Yes, but solely for Outlook.  I've not used IMP or Evolution to know if
> there are any hitches there.  What problems, specifically, are you
> running into?
> PaulM

I have the server running, and I can apparently read OK, but I need to
setup authorization to restrict access (i.e. I don't want the server to
be public) and allow me to have write access.  Once that is done, I'd
like to convert all my Evolution address book info over to LDAP.  This
includes most of the fields in the address book, like multiple email
addresses for example, not just name/email/alias.  I don't know what has
to be setup on the LDAP server end to accommodate all of this
information, nor how to do the setup.

Some things you can just put into place, do some basic configuration,
and have a functional service.  LDAP doesn't appear to be one of these,
it seems to require a LOT of setup work, and a lot of reading beforehand
in order to understand even the basics of how it works.  Frankly, I just
don't want to spend all week reading about LDAP and trying to force it
to work.  I guess I'm just hoping there's an *easy* way to set it up,
since my setup isn't all that complicated or atypical.  

It all goes back to the fact that I (and I would wager most Unix
sysadmins) have so many different software packages to run that it's
impossible to learn as much about each one as is necessary to really
grok it.


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