[GLLUG] (no subject)

Jeff Lawton jeff@idealso.com
Tue, 7 May 2002 08:57:53 -0400

Here is a copy of what Jane sent me:

While you're meeting, pick a date for the presentation, either 5/23 or 5/30.
The time is 7:35 am till 10:45.  I'll provide coffee and bagels.  I'll be
out of town from Sunday, May 5th through the 19th, but I'll stay in touch
via email.  If you need immediate info, my director is Ms. Toni Glasscoe.
Our phone number is 394-1956.  We are located at the Harry Hill Center for
Advanced Technology, 5813 Wise Rd., on the 2nd floor.  Park in the North lot
and enter via the main door.  Go up one level and follow the signs to STAR.

I can't thank you guys enough.  I think this will be interesting and fun for
all.  They are a great bunch.


Jane DeBano

which day works best for everyone?

23 (Y)
30 (Y)

Please reply with your availability