[GLLUG] New look for website

Melson, Paul PMelson@sequoianet.com
Wed, 15 May 2002 09:27:55 -0400

Good point.  I prefer the "buckshot" approach, and just use "Reply All"
when replying to listserv posts.  I think it is a default within Mailman
(or used to be?) to add a Reply-To line to each message header.  There
are a couple of reasons why you wouldn't want to do this, though, so
many mailing lists have stopped..  I think Dennis Kelly is the Mailman
admin.  You could probably ask him about it.


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While we're talking about improvements...

This is the only list I have ever been on that the Reply-To: is not the 
list post address. Why is this? Is there a reason?

At 09:10 AM 5/15/2002, you wrote:
>I didn't see this message on the list, but I'm sure Brian meant to
>his comments.  I concur!
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>Not only does it look great, and appear to match our needs well, but it
>utilizes an existing GPL project. Great work!

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