FW: [GLLUG] reply to

Ben Pfaff blp@cs.stanford.edu
15 May 2002 11:36:45 -0700

Jeremy Bowers <jerf@jerf.org> writes:

> Why, by the way, would adding a Reply-To header remove your
> functionality at all? Given
> From: User1@something
> CC: Person2@something, List1@something
> Reply-To: List1@something
> "reply" should go to List1@something, "reply to sender" should go to
> "User1@something", bypassing the Reply-To, and "Reply to all" should
> go to everything there.

What software has all three of these?  Gnus has `followup' (reply
to all) and `reply'.  "Reply to sender" is only necessitated by
b0rken list software.
Aim to please, shoot to kill.