[GLLUG] SuSE 7.0

Jeff Vanderlaan jvan@lsd.k12.mi.us
Fri, 17 May 2002 14:19:11 -0400

We have been able to implement Linux primarily as routers and DHCP servers throughout the district.  We have approximately 12 DHCP servers that also function as Internet routers serving both Token-Ring and Ethernet networks.  We have one box running as an Intranet Server using Hawkeye and we have one box serving as a full file server for one elementary building.  We have also had boxes in and out of various buildings used as NSA.  We are anticipating a few more installations now that our Library Automation Program (Follett) has begun utilizing a FAIRCOM database server for Linux.

We have Linux running on hardware ranging from IBM PC350's to Compaq Proliant 2500 and 3000's, all running various versions of RedHat.

It looks like I may have some opportunities in the near future to be able to discuss the merits of Linux and have it carry a little more influence than it does right now.  I am somewhat new to the OS, but the more I use it, the more I like it.

For those of you who expressed interest in a copy of the SuSE, maybe I can arrange to have them at your next meeting and they can be distributed from there.  Or our shop is not too far from Hill if any of the people presenting next week would be able to stop and pick them up.


On Fri, 17 May 2002 13:21:45 -0400
Brian Hoort <hoortbri@msu.edu> wrote:

> I'd be very interested in knowing about the Linux invasion in Lansing 
> Public Schools. Any rough numbers you can share with us? Is Linux being 
> used as a server? As an application server with terminals? Are you using 
> the Linux Terminal Server for Schools project software (can't remember name)?
> This info. would help us in our outreach efforts in our community.

Jeff Vanderlaan
Sr. Media & Electronics Specialist
Lansing School District