[GLLUG] LCC project was a success

jeff jeff@idealso.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 00:29:24 -0700

The LCC project was a success. For those unfamiliar with this project, or
interested in information about it, here is a synopsis of the events:

GLLUG was approached in March 2002 by Jane DeBano, the operating systems
teacher from the STAR Institute, with a request for someone to do a
presentation about Linux for the students.  Several members were interested
in participating in this venture, so we met and developed an outline.  The
following presentation was done on May (23), 2002:

We had a total of three hours to discuss and demonstrate all of the wonders
of Linux, then let the kids have a chance to play with it. Roger Webster
started with a handout and a quick rundown of where this all started.  Next,
Dennis Kelly took over and took them through a whirlwind tour of the kernel,
file, system, and shell. Matt Graham showed them some of the eye candy
movies, games, the Gimp, and all the fun stuff of X. Jeff Lawton shared with
them many of the server applications and described which programs provide
which services. Brad Fears was unable to attend the presentation but put
together a list of links to enable them to find more information.  After
break, we had about an hour to play. Jeff burned some copies of SuSE 8 live
evaluation and we set it up on several of the workstations. Many of these
would not boot into SuSE for some reason; however, we were able to get a few
working to let them play.

The students had a lot of good questions and were very interested in the
whole Linux thing. The teacher was also pleased with the presentation. She
would like to  contact us next year for a similar presentation.