[GLLUG] gagging console messages

Melson, Paul PMelson@sequoianet.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 16:39:15 -0400

What about running `xconsole -display host:0.0` as root first?  I don't
think there's a way to prevent console messages from appearing the way
you can with stdout and stderr (like using `(xterm -display host:0
>/dev/null) >$/dev/null` in csh/tcsh), but if they had somewhere else to
go (the xconsole window), then your display might not be disrupted.

Hope that helps!


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OK, this is driving me nuts... how do I block console messages from
appearing in a remote session, ala "xterm -display host:0" run as root. 
Yes it sucks, this is a "Bad Thing (TM)" on so many levels, but I gotta
deal with it...  I'd prefer a tcsh or xterm solution since I can't
really modify the server and I have this problem on many machines...


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