[GLLUG] Fwd: TransGaming WineX = win games on Linux

Brian Hoort hoortbri@msu.edu
Fri, 08 Nov 2002 08:42:26 -0500

>One of the long standing requests for the Linux platform has been the 
>interoperability or porting of popular PC games to the Linux platform. 
>Unreal Tournament, Quake and Doom have all run natively, and Neverwinter 
>Nights has a Linux client in the works.
>Strategy, role playing, first person shooters are the staple of a desktop 
>gaming platform. What about Linux? A company called 
>  has risen to that call with a product called WineX. It takes the 
>community version of wine and maps DirectX controls against OpenGL.
>The result is that well over 150 of your favorite PC games are working on 
>Linux and TransGaming fully supports a significant portion of those, with 
>more added each month. Today's hottest titles, such as Warcraft III, Grand 
>Theft Auto 3, Civilization III, Diablo II, Black and White, Jedi Knight 
>II, Counter Strike, Rainbow 6 are either fully supported or have anecdotal 
>confirmation. And the list goes on. Look for the full list of supported 
>games at TransGaming's site, as well as a database of games listed by 
>degree of stability.

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