[GLLUG] Shutdown or Reboot from Gnome 1.4

Brad Fears brad@mtsdev.com
14 Nov 2002 11:38:01 -0500

I reloaded my laptop with debian stable just recently.  Prior to this, I
was running RH8.0 w/ Gnome2.  Now that I'm back to Gnome 1.4, I am not
able to shutdown or reboot the machine from the "Logout" dialog like I
used to.  I only have an option to logout - the "Halt" and "Reboot"
options are simply missing from the dialog.

Looking into the help files, I see there is a note that reads: "Note for
advanced users - The Halt and Reboot choices will only be shown if you
have permission to execute the commands /usr/bin/reboot and poweroff."

I checked, and neither 'poweroff' nor 'reboot' are in /usr/bin, but they
do exist in /sbin.  So I created symlinks to the files in /sbin.

The 'poweroff' and 'reboot' files in /sbin are actually just links
themselves to /sbin/halt, which has permissions of 755.

Another strange thing (or perhaps not), is that I don't even get the
'Halt' and 'Reboot' options when I log into Gnome as root.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

--Brad Fears