[GLLUG] POS Software

Melson, Paul PMelson@sequoianet.com
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 17:17:43 -0500


PS - what kind of barcodes?  UPC?  If not, that's more software you'll
have to find.  Also, make sure to use the keyboard wedge and not the
serial connector of the scanner, if at all possible.  Getting it to work
via serial interface will require a driver or an app like linbar.  Using
the keyboard wedge should be 'plug & play.'


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Has anyone had any experience with building or integrating a POS (Point 
of Sale) system using Linux/BSD?  I have a PSC QuickScan 200 for 
barcode scanning and a couple of epson receipt printers available to 
try and design a simple system for a friend's store.  I'd like if at 
all possible to use a web interface, but I'm not sure how to integrate 
the hardware into it.  Any resources out there for the free/Open Source 
software community and this stuff?


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