[GLLUG] Redhat Discontinuation of Red Hat Linux Line?

C. Ulrich dincht at securenym.net
Mon Nov 3 16:20:48 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 14:37, Mike Rambo wrote:
> I think Redhat will only have their enterprise edition under the Redhat
> brand name going forward. What has been the Redhat branded download
> edition has been merged with the Fedora project and it is the Fedora
> branded product that will be the equivalent of the Redhat download
> edition in the future. If what I've read is correct Fedora will serve as
> the basis for future RedHat enterprise releases.
> http://www.redhat.com/software/whichproduct/

I've been using the Fedora 0.95 beta for about a month now on a new
laptop and it makes for a pretty slick desktop system. Since I'm used to
Slackare and FreeBSD, it seems a little slow and bloated, but I expect
that on middle- and high-end hardware it would do quite well. As Ben
said, the "1.0" version should be out soon now. (The official Fedora
site says that the planned date was today, but is being delayed due to a

To Mark: Trying a different distribution is always a good idea. :) I
really liked Slackware for a long time but difficulty in upgrading
and/or installing some software led me to FreeBSD which I use now on my
workstation. Slackware is good for learning how to do things the old
fashioned way via shells and consoles. You'll find few, if any, GUI
front ends for anything in the base system. Kinda liberating, actually.

Charles Ulrich

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