[GLLUG] Mismatched pair: cobol and XP. Guru needed!

Jolyon Michael Vincent vincen21 at msu.edu
Thu Nov 6 00:07:08 EST 2003

Sean O'Malley writes: 

> you might try
> http://tiny-cobol.sourceforge.net/

Tried. all I found was source for redhat, and cgywin. I have both, but can't 
run redhat as the comp linux resides on is in the shop for much needed 
storage upgrade. no space to install anything besides core operating system. 

I would use cgywin, as I have it installed...but I don't have any idea how 
to run it. it doesn't seem to be as friendly as Rhat's gui. 

here's what I got from sourceforge: 


> not sure how well it works. im not a cobol programmer =)
> On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Jolyon Michael Vincent wrote: 
Original Message follows: 

>> Guru needed! send help! I'm drowning in a vat of anxiety.
>> non programmer seeks expert advice on COBOL for basic cobol class.... 
>> would like to know if there are any people in the LUG who know cobol and
>> would be willing to answer questions on an as-needed basis. Also would like
>> to know what resources msu has for programming help. Tutoring/mentoring,
>> learning labs etc etc....despite the fact that the class isn't an msu class,
>> I still need to find support. Prefer to code on the Windows XP platform >> if possible. 
>> Also, if you know how I can use Cobol in Linux Redhat 8.0 to make something
>> usable, please let me know. I don't know why I would need to learn Cobol
>> other than the fact that it is a programming language, and it has a certain
>> structure that might be found elsewhere. (my best guess). 
>> Some background on my lack of programming: I took C++ at Rochester Institute
>> of Tech (www.rit.edu) and failed miserably. I took Basic in grade
>> school...Studied Virtual Basic at RIT (one week) but was generally confused
>> at that as well.Vbasic seemed to be more like web programming (learned
>> rudimentary HTML on my own...worked with dreamweaver for a-bit.) 
>> Background on me: I am an artist, not a mathematician! And while my spelling
>> and grammar might be abit off here, I'm more of a journalist than a
>> programmer. 
>> Can someone out there please teach me enough code to thwart my anxiety?
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