[GLLUG] Firewalls Cross-Ported to Windows

Brian Hoort hoortbri at msu.edu
Thu Nov 6 10:00:39 EST 2003

We have 98, 2000, and XP boxes that we want this for.  All client Windows 
boxes.  Any recommendations?

At 09:55 AM 11/6/2003, you wrote:
>I don't know about 'GNU' per se, but there are a number of decent
>desktop firewalls out there for Win32 that are cheap or free.
>Specifically, which Windows OS are you using?
>-----Original Message-----
>Oh Great Ones,
>I'm looking for a GNU/Open/Free firewall that has been ported to Windows
>OS.  I suspect this doesn't exist, due to tight integration into kernel,
>but thought it worth asking.  If we find one, this might be first
>opportunity to sneak GNU into our MS organization.  We need a FW on each
>client--not looking for centralized network FW.  We've been evaluating
>ZoneAlarm and BlackIce, and aren't quite pleased.

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