Pedro Wald computech at ispwest.com
Fri Nov 14 03:58:25 EST 2003


The following link point to a possible solution with respect to
the problem relating to the dwl-650:


So apparently, based on the informationp provided
by the site  my revision (being L1 or L2) is

Based on the following url I was driven to the
conclusion that mine is a DWL-650L1, even if the
bar code contains the H/W:L2 rather than the
H/W:L1.  (based the shape of the item). Which 
makes me think that it is only a revision of firmware. 

I will trying them and report back. 

By the way, I am also facing some problems regarding 
the dwl-120 (it is a wireless usb device); the last 
reports about it were very pessimistic. Did anyone try 
such device with any level of success. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Pedro Wald

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