[GLLUG] linuxant drivers - was dwl-120 (wi-fi)

Jeremy Bowers jerf at jerf.org
Fri Nov 14 10:59:49 EST 2003

I had been trying out the linuxant drivers before the email but I hadn't 
gotten them to work yet. I now have them working in 2.6.0-test9, at 
least somewhat. It crashes the computer if I close the lid (and trigger 
the lid sensor) or remove the card (without running the unloader first, 
which I haven't remembered to try yet), and it's not taking WEP keys, 
but other then that, when it works, it works fine. (WEP isn't that 
impressive to me anyhow and I intend to take other security measures 

The driver is in heavy development, too; just a couple of days ago the 
Linuxant drivers would put init into an infinite loop, which meant you 
couldn't automatically cleanly shut down or reboot; that has been fixed. 
I hit some other things but they were fixed too since my last email.

Hopefully with a bit more development the Linuxant drivers will be a 
viable alternative. Now that Windows finally has some decent driver 
architectures it'd be neat to see some more of these compability layers 
for Windows drivers.

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