[GLLUG] Old Computer

Sean O'Malley picasso at madflower.com
Sat Nov 15 04:33:26 EST 2003

I think i have a nic for the IIsi around here somewhere and I _might_
have some smaller pieces of ram for it that would let you get to like 5 or
9 meg. I might actually have all the software for that too unless you want
to put netbsd or openbsd on it.

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, arcmna wrote:

> Hey everyone, I had some old systems I was interested in passing on. I
> picked them up at the MSU Salvage Yard a while back, and have no use
> for them.
> I have:
> - Macintosh II
> - Macintosh IIsi
>     . both of these work, no NICs or modems but the systems work fine
> - 1 set of Macintosh Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse, works with both systems
> - Old 133mhz PC w/128mb RAM, working cd-rom, NIC seems to be dead (this
> has slackware installed on it right now)
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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