[GLLUG] inodes and ls -dl

Michael Cox cox-m at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 20 08:11:26 EST 2003

I am running through the IBM tutorials and come to 

ls -dl /usr/local

This is supposed to display all the directories shared
by the inode. The author lists about eight
directories. While I realize that some variance is to
be expected, my SuSE 8.2 installation only the single
directory. I input the same ls -dl /usr/local as both
a user and root with the same result.

My result:

drwxr-xr-x  11  root   root   272 2003-11-12 17:14

Is this a normal result and I am confused by the
difference. Or... good grief, I don't even know
another possibility. Oh wait, I am using the Rieser
File System, maybe I should be using some other distro
to follow this tutorial.


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