[GLLUG] re: Good CAS?

Tom Rockwell rockwell at pa.msu.edu
Fri Nov 21 10:23:42 EST 2003

You might try, http://maxima.sourceforge.net/, but probably if you know 
Derive, it is easier to stick with that instead of learning a new 
program...  A friend from MSU was developing Maxima for a while, but I 
haven't used it myself.

 >Does anybody recommend a good computer algebra system for linux? If
 >you're familiar with Derive 6, then you have a good idea of what i'm
 >looking for. Unfortunately, I'm on a budget and would prefer free over
 >$99. (http://epsstore.ti.com/webs/catlist.asp?deptid=165&catid=580)
 >-- Josh Detwiler <joshdetwiler at comcast.net>

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