[GLLUG] ssh and putty(winXP)

Melson, Paul PMelson at sequoianet.com
Mon Nov 24 07:28:03 EST 2003

Yes, try sending WOL 'magic' packets to its MAC address.  (Though, that
will only tell you if WOL is supported *and* enabled.)  The RTL chipsets
are anyone's guess if you don't know the actual manufacturer and model,
so your best bet if you can't find documentation is just to try it.  If
you don't have a toolkit like SolarWinds or PMG, you can use `wol`,
which is an open source 'magic' packet generator.


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Is there a quick way to determine if the network card supports the
Wake-On-LAN and PXE booting?

I don't have the manuals.
I have a couple different network cards; one of them is a realtech.

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