[GLLUG] 3 websites, 1 IPaddress + backup server

Hampton, Rodney rodney.hampton at jnli.com
Tue Feb 3 07:30:37 EST 2004

ip or name based virtual hosts in httpd.conf  

Look at this page.

IIRC, Name based virtual hosts only work properly for HTTP1.1 but ip based
virtual hosts (like this example) work for HTTP1.0 > (older browsers)

Rodney Hampton

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Thanks to all for your replies... I took a look at easydns.com and will
probably go that route.

How do I configure apache to serve a different web site for each domain?
www.web1.com should be a different web site then www.web2.com

Thanks again,
Seth Bembeneck
sbdataspiller at sbcglobal.net

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