[GLLUG] CVS File Permissions

Frank Louis Tuma tumafran at msu.edu
Thu Feb 12 16:55:06 EST 2004

I'm new to setting up CVS (and Linux administration in general) and was 
wondering what is the best way to set up file permissions. 

I'm currently running CVS 1.12.5 on Debian Testing/Unstable (Sarge).
I've already created a repository in '/usr/local/cvsroot'. 

Right now I have a 'cvsuser' group that owns the '/user/local/cvsroot' 
directory as well as all directories in 'cvsroot' except for 'CVSROOT' which 
is owned by 'cvsadmin'. 

Directory Listings:
nixx at purplehaze:/usr/local$ ls -al
total 44
drwxrwsr-x    4 root     cvsuser      4096 Feb 12 15:49 cvsroot

nixx at purplehaze:/usr/local/cvsroot$ ls -al
total 16
drwxrwsr-x    4 root     cvsuser      4096 Feb 12 15:49 .
drwxrwsr-x   11 root     staff        4096 Feb  9 12:20 ..
drwxrwsr-x    3 root     cvsadmin     4096 Feb 12 15:54 CVSROOT
drwxrwsr-x    4 nixx     cvsuser      4096 Feb 12 16:16 deadly

What I'm trying to do is set up the CVSROOT (where are the config files are 
stored) to only be accessible by 'cvsadmin'(s) while the rest of the 
directories accessible by everyone who is a 'cvsuser'. I get an error when 
trying to checkout files from 'deadly' -- it can't update the 'history' file 
in 'CVSROOT'. Could someone please shed some light on the situation? 




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