[GLLUG] PHP Concatinating Strings

Jeremy Bowers jerf at jerf.org
Thu Feb 19 09:25:46 EST 2004

Ex Fed wrote:
>> I don't do PHP and am greatly surprised that PHP's mysql interface
>> doesn't seem to have a printf-like command like every other scripting
>> language I've seen. That lets you insert placeholders, pass in the
>> values, and let the library do the quoting, like this:
> PHP does in fact support PRINTF and SPRINTF

That's not what I was talking about, quite. In Python (for sure) and 
Perl (I'm pretty sure), you can do something like the following psuedocode:

$connection = makeDatabaseConnectionToSomething()
$connection->execute("SELECT Record FROM Table WHERE SomeString = ?", 

and the database structure will escape the string, *depending on the 
database you connected to*. If you connected to a database that only 
uses apostrophe for the string delimiter, it will result in

SELECT Record FROM Table WHERE SomeString = 'T\'Pal'

whereas if the database also allows quotes, it might return

SELECT Record FROM Table WHERE SomeString = "T'Pal"

You can't do that directly with sprintf. You *can* build something that 
works like this based on sprintf but it can be tricky to get it right.

So I remain surprised that PHP doesn't seem to have this, and more 
particularly that even the mysql_* functions didn't seem to have some 
escaping built in (at least based on my quick scan). If I were working 
with databases in PHP, one of the first things I'd do is try to kludge 
something together that would outsource the escaping to all one 
function, to make sure I didn't make any escaping mistakes. Otherwise 
you're asking for it, because *everybody* forgets a function call now 
and then, and when you don't get an error immediately, you may not 
notice until it's too late. This will also make it easier to change 
databases later if you want, which is a good thing; if you're doing 
bog-simple queries anyhow, it's worth staying database independent.

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