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Seth Bembeneck sbdataspiller at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 23:50:13 EST 2004

Ok, my previous project with the database tables in mysql is done. Every
thing works perfectly. 2 squads using 1 database and the same tables. 

Thanks to every one for their input. I now know more MySql then I ever


Now for my next project.


I have a guide from gentoo.org for setting up an email server with
virtual users using postfix, mysql and every thing else available at
http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/virt-mail-howto.xml .



I followed every thing to the letter last time.


When I went to use the pop account in Outlook it gave me an error saying
that the Maildir does not exist. 

When I looked in the home directory for the user, .maildir does not
exist. And no mail was going out from the server


I have since then re-installed gentoo.


I don't have a .maildir in my home folders.


How do I get one there?


How do I find out if I have another MTA (is that what they are called?)
that could interfere with postfix?


According to the Software module in webmin under system and clicking the
package tree, under the net-mail category

I have ssmtp 2.48 and mailbase 0.00-r5 installed.

Do they both have to go?


If I decide to do this on a separate computer, how can I get my
webserver computer to send mail?


Which is better, qmail or postfix? Or any other? Which is a good one to
use, but still easy to set up?


Thanks for your time and replies


Seth Bembeneck

Learning Linux and Loving It!

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