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Asenchi asenchi at asenchi.com
Wed Feb 25 09:11:45 EST 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:35:59 -0500 (EST)
"Clay Dowling" <clay at lazarusid.com> wrote:

>Seth Bembeneck said:
>> When I went to use the pop account in Outlook it gave me an error
>saying> that the Maildir does not exist.
>> When I looked in the home directory for the user, .maildir does not
>> exist. And no mail was going out from the server
>> How do I get one there?
>There should be a program "maildirmake" that came with Postfix.  That's
>the program that comes with Exim, anyway.  Run that for each user and
>you'll get the necessary directory structure.  It's not as simple as
>creating a .maildir folder though; there are folders under that that
>need specific permissions.

I believe that Postfix (on new users once they get new mail) should
create the necessary directories.  Use 'maildirmake' with existing
users.  You should probably experiment with this however, before moving
it production status.

>> Which is better, qmail or postfix? Or any other? Which is a good one
>to> use, but still easy to set up?
>I've been using an Exim/Courier combination for a year or two now, and
>I'm very happy with it.  That's the same combination that the new MSU
>mail servers are using, which is why I used it.  It was fairly easy to
>set up. That said, I've never heard anything against postfix, so I
>should think that it would be easy to use.

I have never used this combination.  But I am curious why MSU chose Exim
and not Postfix or Qmail for that matter.  Exim seems to just dish off
the messages.  It isn't great at queuing and seems to (granted reading
reports on the web, not from actual use) have issue with too many
processes.  Could someone just share some information on this?  It is
just out of curiosity that I ask.  Thanks.

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