[GLLUG] Setting up an email server

Marshal Newrock marshal at simons-rock.edu
Wed Feb 25 11:55:29 EST 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Seth Bembeneck wrote:

> When I went to use the pop account in Outlook it gave me an error saying
> that the Maildir does not exist.
> When I looked in the home directory for the user, .maildir does not
> exist. And no mail was going out from the server

Use 'maildirmake' which comes with courier.

> How do I find out if I have another MTA (is that what they are called?)
> that could interfere with postfix?

Gentoo won't let you install (from portage) multiple MTA's.  If there is
another already installed, you must uninstall it first.  'qpkg -f
/usr/sbin/sendmail' will tell you what package owns it.

> According to the Software module in webmin under system and clicking the
> package tree, under the net-mail category
> I have ssmtp 2.48 and mailbase 0.00-r5 installed.

ssmtp will have to go.

> If I decide to do this on a separate computer, how can I get my
> webserver computer to send mail?

Tell the webserver computer to use the mail server as a relay host.  Make
sure the webserver is in mynetworks.

> Which is better, qmail or postfix? Or any other? Which is a good one to
> use, but still easy to set up?

I prefer postfix.  I like its features, configurability, and spam-fighting
abilities.  The config file is easy to use, although it can start getting
complicated when you're doing vhosting.  I've heard qmail can do all sorts
of nifty stuff too, but you have to use third-party patches.

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