[GLLUG] Dual-Boot Copy?

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Thu Nov 1 00:01:35 EDT 2007

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Marshal Newrock wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 20:10:54 -0400
> Richard Houser <rick at divinesymphony.net> wrote:
>> I'm fairly certain ext2/ext3 don't support online resizing (not
>> counting the third-party kernel patches that can be applied).  That
>> was one of the bigger reasons I went with reiserfs on most of my
>> machines.  When you are dealing with 6+ drives, the flexibility of
>> online resizing + LVM is a huge factor.
> I thought so too, but I recently noticed the command resize2fs, which
> does what you might expect.  I think it is a fairly new addition to the
> e2fstools, though.

I think it's a new addition as well, but from the manpage:

"The resize2fs program will resize ext2 or ext3 file systems.  It can be
used  to  enlarge or shrink an unmounted file system located on device.
If the filesystem is mounted, it can be used to expand the size of  the
mounted filesystem, assuming the kernel supports on-line resizing.  (As
of this writing, the Linux  2.6  kernel  supports  on-line  resize  for
filesystems mounted using ext3 only.)."

So, offline only for ext2 on my system (questionable even then depending
on which running kernels have the patch present).
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