[GLLUG] Finding IP ranges (similar to dig)??

Nicholas Kwiatkowski kwiatk27 at msu.edu
Thu Nov 1 00:24:38 EDT 2007

Each device on campus requires registration before it can be put into the
'vlan' that allows any access outside of the registration servers.  In order
to register, you need to give a netid, password, mac address (which is auto
detected), and description of the PC.  The students are assigned a 'dynamic'
address (which lease doesn't turn up for usually 3 - 4 months of

This is very similar to the way UoM does their DHCP registration.  They will
give you one IP address per 'device', and it must be registered to a valid
netid and password.

-Nick Kwiatkowski

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Karl Schuttler wrote:
> Not to get a U of M vs. MSU battle started, but my girlfriend at U of
> M got a dedicated IP with her dorm. I was pretty excited about that,
> once i figured it out.

The last I heard, MSU was assigning unlimited IP addresses per resident
with only providing the MAC address.  In any case, that is a far cry
from one subnet per student.  I completely agree though, a real IP is
vastly preferred and the only way to have a real Internet connection.
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