[GLLUG] Finding IP ranges (similar to dig)??

Chris Chan crazytales at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 06:54:54 EDT 2007

There is no mechanism for revoking unused addresses? A Class A /8
subnet is big enough to give a public IPaddress to every ballpoint pen
in theroffices. this IS a major contributor to the address Shortage.

- Chris

On Oct 31, 2007 10:33 PM, Nicholas Kwiatkowski <kwiatk27 at msu.edu> wrote:
> But I'll tell you one thing -- we don't waste nearly as many addresses as
> GM, Ford or the USPS.  These guys have less than 10,000 PC's on their
> network, yet they still hold on to their Class-A!
> -Nick Kwiatkowski
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> Nicholas Kwiatkowski wrote:
> > Samspade is defiantly the way to go...  You can find the block of IP
> > addresses that a company or organization 'owns' and use that.
> >
> > At MSU, we do have a hostmaster available who can tell you where all the
> > servers are.  Static IP addresses get their own subnet for these things at
> > our shop.
> >
> > -Nick Kwiatkowski
> MSU also has a full class A, so there are only 127 other possible IPv4
> holders in the same class.  Most locations do NOT have the ability to
> use static IP addresses for everything, let alone full subnets.  Most
> countries (and I think even some continents) have less total IPv4
> addresses available than MSU does.  Many universities, for example, only
> have one or a few scattered class C ranges available for the entire
> organization and its affiliates.  MSU IP address assignments like this
> are very wasteful of public address space and not viable solutions for
> the community at large.  Also, universities will often use address space
> they don't own (for example, through Merit) which may or may not be
> shared with others.
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