[GLLUG] Dual-Boot Copy?

Michael Watters michael at watters.ws
Fri Nov 2 17:53:59 EDT 2007

Richard Houser wrote:
> I'm fairly certain ext2/ext3 don't support online resizing (not counting
> the third-party kernel patches that can be applied).  That was one of
> the bigger reasons I went with reiserfs on most of my machines.  When
> you are dealing with 6+ drives, the flexibility of online resizing + LVM
> is a huge factor.
> This might just be a terminology thing though, online resizing means the
> partition is never inaccessible.  Are you by chance meaning you can run
> without rebooting?
You can grow the file system without rebooting or unmounting it, check 
out the ext2online command.

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