[GLLUG] The great swap

Benjamin Cathey benjamincathey at catheycompany.com
Thu Nov 8 14:28:17 EST 2007

Here is the process I followed.

1) installed 500 gb drive and made it an ext3 drive.  then used rsync (for the first time ever mind you) to copy all my 'media' from my 250 gb drive to the 500.  all seemed good - file times and permissions were preserved.

2) rebooted using gparted live and issued the dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb to copy the main system (3 partitions, 1 NTFS, 1 Ext3 (/) and one linux swap) from an 80 gig to the 250.

3) rebooted when finished.  

4) grub came up fine.  windows booted fine but ubuntu hung.

5) rebooted with gparted live again and mounted the linux partition.  modified the fstab to specify /dev/hd** for mounting in all locations rather than the UUID (can anyone explain why or rather the advantages of using UUID?  That is how it set itself up initially and I had never bothered to change it until now.)

6) rebooted again and Ubuntu booted fine.

7) rebooted AGAIN and moved and grew the partitions with gparted - odd though the e2fsck found a few errors but it fixed them so all seems well.

And that's it.  Someone mentioned earlier to post how it turned out so I thought I'd mention the process and also wanted to inquire as to the UUID thing.


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