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Oh, if you do decide to write your own app from scratch in python, I highly
suggest looking into WSGI:


On Nov 8, 2007 12:09 PM, Marshal Newrock <marshal at idealso.com> wrote:

> Looking for some opinions here.  I have a fairly large app to write,
> and I'm still undecided on writing it in PHP or Python.  It will
> primarily be a web app, but I also want the option of command-line
> access.
> The advantage of PHP is that more people know it, and I think it's
> faster to develop a web app in PHP.  I haven't tried writing a web app
> in Python yet, though.
> Python is a much cleaner language, and actively prevents many common
> coding mistakes.  PHP's ability to use variables which have not
> previously been defined is a point against it.
> There's other arguments I can make for and against both, but I'm
> curious what opinions people have.
> There's also the question of frameworks.  I'm hesitant to use a
> framework, though.  From what I've seen, they work great within the
> limits of what they were designed to do, but as soon as you exceed
> those limits, things get much more interesting, which is to say,
> difficult.
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