[GLLUG] Re: Mirror or Rsync for XP??

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Mon Nov 12 18:35:03 EST 2007

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Benjamin Cathey wrote:
>> ->> > Look at robocopy or rsync or unison, they are designed for doing
>> ->> incremental copies.
>> ->> 
>> ->> I second the rsync recommendation.  If you really don't want to use a
>> ->> tool like that, you might want to look into the archive bit instead of
>> ->> doing date based matching.  I haven't messed with that attribute since
>> ->> around the DOS 6.22 days, but that is what it was designed for.
> Looked for robocopy for XP pro and wasn't able to find a download link anywhere.  I looked at unison briefly but thought it required the GTK toolkit (which makes the install on ALL the clients not as easy) - however I am guessing there must be a command line version of it - rsync, I could not find for windows without cygwin or something. . . 
> Well I tried the command MIRROR http://www.geocities.com/cplarosa/mirror.htm which I thought would work and be easy to install on the clients XP Pro machines.  It DOES delete that which does not exist on the source anymore which is better than xcopy . . . But it STILL copies a BUNCH of OLD stuff.  Always the same files!!  Not everything either.  I don't get it.  It always recopies the SAME FILES and it's not everything either!
> What is the deal?
> I thought of rsync but that is not just an easy install on the win32 clients correct?  Don't I need cygwin or something?  Or is there a straight command line version?  Did someone actually port this as a command line util to Windows?

Rsync is an easy install.  I've seen standalone binaries in the past,
but googling for "win32 rsync" gave this link that will probably work
well enough for you:

You definitely want just the command line version of rsync.  In fact, I
don't know if that program alone even has a GUI available.
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