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Benjamin Cathey benjamincathey at catheycompany.com
Wed Nov 14 12:48:27 EST 2007

Personally I use smoothwall (version 2) - it does everything I need and with the community mods, I've got content filtration (via DansGuardian) and AV (with ClamAV), snort + guardian (for a reactive firewall) with a mod for guardian exceptions and comments, a mod manager, DHCP (obviously), a transparent proxy, I use ident services to manage groups for my users (to interface with DG) - also it allows static assignments as well, Oh plus NAT using multiple external IPs, snort rule control, a MILLION log vias, a GUI for cron jobs and a DSHIELD module built in to download the dshield list and upload my own logs to help the community - let see - anything else . . . there are a LOT of mods I don't use (like to monitor MSN conversations.)  Also lots of good logs and log utils.  Oh and it doesn't take much to run it on - I was running it on a PII 400 with 512megs but upgrade once I decided to include dg+av.

The community support is great and it's free - plus you'd know me :D  I have been running one at work and one at home for almost 2 years and could be helpful :D

Just my opinion,

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>->> My home router/firewall is acting wonky and has to be power-cycled every
>->> so often.  I think it's time to get a new one.  My needs are very simple,
>->> all I need are NAT and port forwarding of a single port or two.  I have
>->> thought about a m0n0wall, IPCop, smoothwall, or some other similar system,
>->> but since I need so little I hate to feed such a big system when a little
>->> firmware router will consume less power and probably work just fine.  I
>->> would also like the option of wireless to the router, even if I don't need
>->> it right now...
>->> I'd like people's recommendations on what to look into for a good router. 
>->> If you think that a *nix distro *is* the way to go in spite of my
>->> reasoning above, I'd like to hear it.  If you have a router/firewall
>->> that's been serving you well, I'd like to know what brand.
>->> If I my next one runs 5 years+ like this current netgear has for me, I
>->> guess I will be mostly satisfied...
>->> Thanks for your time!
>->> -Michael George
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