[GLLUG] router for home

Mike Neir lists at obscuredomainname.com
Thu Nov 15 00:36:08 EST 2007

This is quite true. I tried evaluating a WRT54GL as a cheap office 
firewall at work, and things got pretty dicey when trying to sustain 
traffic of more than a megabyte or two of data per second with 
firewalling enabled. It had to do with the module that sends bridged 
packets through iptables chains instead of ebtables (can't remember the 
exact name off the top of my head). When removing this module or 
disabling it via a sysctl, the performance went up immensely, but it 
lost a lot of its ability to do connection tracking over the bridged 

It's not really a problem too many cable/DSL users would run into, but 
the limitation is still there.


Richard Houser wrote:
> What it won't get you is speed, but I don't think anything other than an
> openwrt (or the clones - ex. ddwrt) in the sub-$1000 class other than
> some form of a PC (even nano-ITX, etc) can get you a those types of
> features at significantly faster rates.

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