[GLLUG] desktop freezing??

Michael Rudas audiotech50 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 09:07:04 EST 2007

Benjamin Cathey wrote:

> A few days ago my desktop started freezing - it's acting like it's asleep or suspended
> but I have power management turned off.  The power light on the desktop is blinking
> and when I hit the power button the screen comes back on with a bunch of text
> about USB something and then goes black.  I went into recovery mode to check
> the file systems and they all seem okay.  Any ideas?

This type of symptom is often one of the first signs of a power-supply
(PS) problem or CPU capacitor problem.  How old is the machine?  What
speed is the CPU?  What brand is the motherboard?  Do you know how to
check the PS?  The CPU caps?

~~ Mikey

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