[GLLUG] Anyone with experience with Macs and AirPort Extreme?

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Mon Jul 7 23:34:07 EDT 2008

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Eduardo Cesconetto wrote:
| Again, you are setting yourself for failure. The WRT54GL is buggy,
| even worse when used with DDWRT.
| Give up and get a descent router. My recomendation is an Airport
| Extreme, but if you'd like to save some cash, get a cheap Netgear N
| router...

Overall, the WRT54GL is a pretty good router, and contains some pretty
impressive features.  Even if Apple is 100% to spec (doubtful), the fact
that it works with everything else implies that only Apple is likely
doing something different (whether technically allowed or not, the
behavior would still be non-standard).

I'd recommend you use OpenWRT instead of DDWRT though.  Basically,
OpenWRT is the original reference OSS firmware, and DDWRT is a clone.
DDWRT has been under a lot of heat in the past for not releasing changes
back to the community.  Many people on this list, including myself and
several from Ideal Solutions are running WRT54G(L) units with OpenWRT
and we haven't been having issues with our machines.

Feature-wise, any router Apple releases don't even come close to what
you can do with an OpenWRT (the same is true of any mass-market router
targeted at the home user).  Typical OpenWRT routers have a feature set
consistent with the $15k+ commercial routers, but they just can't handle
the speed or volume of connections (neither of which typically matters
to even a high-end home user).
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