[GLLUG] Rsvp

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 23:02:21 EDT 2008

If I recall correctly, six people had voted for Bell's the last time I
checked the poll.  Five people showed up at this week's meeting.  I
would think that, before voting for a place for GLLUG meetings, one
would at least have been to the place, to check out whatever is
important to one for a meeting site.  I did verify that the wireless
access works, but there's only one place (with multiple outlets) to plug
in electrical equipment, so if someone else is sitting there, we're
screwed.  There are a lot of food choices besides pizza.  Bell's wasn't
even close to being crowded, so there was plenty of room for us and
plenty of parking, but that might or might not change during the regular
school year.  It is open until 4:00 a.m., in case we have longer


Eduardo Cesconetto wrote:
> I am trying to give Bells an idea of how many people will be there  
> tonight for the meeting, so rsvp if possible before 6pm

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