[GLLUG] triple-booting a Mac with OSX, RedHat (specifically ScientificLinux), and Windows XP

Bill Bartilson bbartilson at comcast.net
Tue Jul 22 13:59:09 EDT 2008

I guess that depends on what the purpose of the machine is.

If you do your main work in OSX, and need access to platform specific  
software on Linux and Windows (like I do), then Fusion is a great  
solution.  I've had very good luck with it.

If you want to use the same machine as 3 different machines (such as  
an OSX partition for productivity and Windows partition for games)  
then it probably makes more sense to boot into each OS separately.

If you like working in Red Hat, I dunno why you'd need the OSX  
partition in the first place.  *nix is *nix from the administrator's  
side of things.  OSX has fewer and more expensive software offerings  
than either Linux or Windows.

In short - If you're interested in learning more about Linux, and want  
to install it to 'play with', it's best to simply install it  
standalone without any other OS.  Making yourself 'live with'  
something as opposed to being a reboot (or a virtual machine) away  
from the 'comfort' of some other OS is the best way to learn.  I only  
say that because triple booting, and not picking a main 'working' OS  
would be a nightmare for me, even if it was only trying to keep the  
email clients synched to any degree.  Try linux by itself for a month,  
and see how it goes.

Does that help?


On Jul 22, 2008, at 1:17 PM, Emilio Xavier Esposito wrote:

> Would I be better off using Parallels or VMWare Fusion instead of
> triple-booting?

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