[GLLUG] Sofware Freedom Day

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 12:20:07 EDT 2008

If you want to register us, Peter, I say go for it.  I don't think we 
registered last year, but maybe we did.  We found out about it too late 
to register and get the free stuff they offered.

I agree about discussing it at the meetings, although I won't be at this 
week's meeting.  Where are they being held, by the way?  I haven't seen 
anything about meeting sites, or about much else on the mailing list, 
this last week.


Peter Smith wrote:
> Heck, I almost signed us up about a month ago, but then I noticed we
> actually have done
> things in the past for it, so I backed away. :)
> I think it should be the main agenda item this week, and next, for Thursday
> night.

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