[GLLUG] Anyone with experience with Macs and AirPort Extreme?

Michael George george at idealso.com
Sat Jun 14 21:20:34 EDT 2008

Well, no go on either of these.  I can set up an ad-hoc network with my 
iBook and an original AirPort card (802.11b?), but it keeps getting 
connection timeouts to the Linksys/dd-wrt WAP.  I am not about to spend 
$300 for a Apple WAP to connect this thing.  Those bastards make 
incompatible hard/firmware and expect me to spend more $$ on them?  No way.

Sean O'Malley wrote:
> It doesnt really seem to be a related issue, but the early 2006 minis
> have a firmware update for them. It is called
> Apple Mac mini early 2006 SMC Firmware
> A more related fix would be:
> ----
> from http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=4993837
> Alright, so we know that after updated to 10.5.2 people were still having
> trouble with Airport. I was one of them, and I figured it out. Here is
> what I did:
> 1. Navigate to Library\Preferences\SystemConfiguration
> 2. Locate com.apple.airport.preferences.plist
> 3. Drag it to trash
> 4. Hit the spotlight, type in "Keychain Access"
> a) Remove all passwords to every network
> *now I don't know if that's necessary, but I did it, and it worked*
> 5. Restart Leopard
> 6. Connect to a network and you should be problem free
> By deleting com.apple.airport.preferences.plist and restarting your
> system, you are allowing Leopard to create the new 10.5.2 file.
> My theory is, is that the two conflicted with each other so it wasn't
> copied properly, and thats why some people had the problem and some
> didn't.
> ---
> my guess is you just need to axe the password to the airport.
> That at least lets you start the config from scratch. :)
> Sean


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