[GLLUG] Anyone with experience with Macs and AirPort Extreme?

Ian Walker walkeri1 at msu.edu
Sun Jun 15 13:04:48 EDT 2008

Huh, I have dd-wrt on my WRT54G (rev 8) and I have no problem with my  
Macbook Pro (10.5.3), nor with anything running 10.3 or 10.4 (original  
Airport card - I can't remember the chipset, but its 802.11b), or my  
friend's Powerbook G4 running 10.5.3 (which is an Airport Extreme/ 
802.11g - which I'm pretty sure are Broadcomm).

Old versions of OSX and I have problems with one of the wireless  
security protocols, but no big deal - WEP works totally fine.

Its been stable, reliable, very awesome. Way better than the Linksys  
firmware was, as well as my old Belkin (ugh).

walkeri1 at msu.edu

On Jun 15, 2008, at 12:04 PM, Karl Schuttler wrote:

> It might be worthwhile to see if the problem exists in OpenWRT,
> another linux firmware for the WRT line. OpenWRT isn't tough,
> especially if you've done any networking in linux, but it is mostly
> command line (no web gui out of the box). It may be the easiest
> migration to make it work, if you find that others aren't running into
> this issue.
> On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 6:18 AM, Michael George <george at idealso.com>  
> wrote:
>> Yes, those bastards.  This is not an isolated dd-wrt issue, it has  
>> been
>> happening to many people with the Airport Extreme devices under 10.5.
>> It was a problem at 10.5.1 (but not under 10.4) and still is now.   
>> They
>> aren't giving it attention because they made it work with their WAPs.
>> If it doesn't work with Ciscos, they don't seem to care.
>> I have connected my iBook (10.4) with no hesitation.  I have  
>> connected
>> Windows XP with no problem.  The software running in dd-wrt is in  
>> very
>> wide use and I'm sure if there were problems with it meeting the
>> standards of 802.11b/g, they would get fixed.  However, Apple  
>> adopted an
>> unfinished (beta) spec (802.11n) and put it into production hardware.
>> Internal to the computer, no less.  When it isn't backwards  
>> compatible
>> their best answer (not that they gave one) is "spend several  
>> hundred $$
>> and get one of *our* WAPs".
>> If you think dd-wrt is such junk, then why don't you download the  
>> latest
>> linksys firmware and install it on your router?  When you do, please
>> tell me if your problem goes away...
>> Eduardo Cesconetto wrote:
>>> Those bastards? I blame your crappy Open Source driven router, I  
>>> have
>>> the same issue with my WRT54GL w/ DD-WRT is junk too... You get  
>>> what u
>>> pay for...
>>> On Jun 14, 2008, at 9:20 PM, Michael George wrote:
>>>> Well, no go on either of these.  I can set up an ad-hoc network  
>>>> with my
>>>> iBook and an original AirPort card (802.11b?), but it keeps getting
>>>> connection timeouts to the Linksys/dd-wrt WAP.  I am not about to  
>>>> spend
>>>> $300 for a Apple WAP to connect this thing.  Those bastards make
>>>> incompatible hard/firmware and expect me to spend more $$ on  
>>>> them?  No
>>>> way.
>>>> Sean O'Malley wrote:
>>>>> It doesnt really seem to be a related issue, but the early 2006  
>>>>> minis
>>>>> have a firmware update for them. It is called
>>>>> Apple Mac mini early 2006 SMC Firmware
>>>>> A more related fix would be:
>>>>> ----
>>>>> from http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=4993837
>>>>> Alright, so we know that after updated to 10.5.2 people were still
>>>>> having
>>>>> trouble with Airport. I was one of them, and I figured it out.  
>>>>> Here is
>>>>> what I did:
>>>>> 1. Navigate to Library\Preferences\SystemConfiguration
>>>>> 2. Locate com.apple.airport.preferences.plist
>>>>> 3. Drag it to trash
>>>>> 4. Hit the spotlight, type in "Keychain Access"
>>>>> a) Remove all passwords to every network
>>>>> *now I don't know if that's necessary, but I did it, and it  
>>>>> worked*
>>>>> 5. Restart Leopard
>>>>> 6. Connect to a network and you should be problem free
>>>>> By deleting com.apple.airport.preferences.plist and restarting  
>>>>> your
>>>>> system, you are allowing Leopard to create the new 10.5.2 file.
>>>>> My theory is, is that the two conflicted with each other so it  
>>>>> wasn't
>>>>> copied properly, and thats why some people had the problem and  
>>>>> some
>>>>> didn't.
>>>>> ---
>>>>> my guess is you just need to axe the password to the airport.
>>>>> That at least lets you start the config from scratch. :)
>>>>> Sean
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