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Thought I'd forward this over here because it might involve us and
sounds like a decently cool idea.


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Hi All,

So I was chatting with Matt and he gave me the go ahead to discuss a
couple proposals for the upcoming con.

--- Item 1.

I suggest we host an awards ceremony for Linux Games / Gaming.  I will
lead the charge on this one and I am looking for ideas and assistance
in moving it forward.  It would be similar to the following:


Perhaps Call it the the Pen10 or Pen5 or some such.  Pg13.  It is
basically and awards ceremony type deal for Linux games.  We could
have several catagories.  In all cases it would be games released in
the past year (perhaps in some categories, games that have had a major
release in the past year.)  Some ideas I had were:

1. Best overall Linux game.
2. Best Linux only playable / designed game.
3. Best Wine Game.
4. Best Open Source Game.
5. Best Indie Linux Game (aren't they all indies?)
6. Best Linux Game as voted on by the con attendees.  This would be
picked from submissions and 3-5 would be highlighted at the con via a
kiosk or in the computer lounge.  This award would probably be
announced at the closing ceremonies, with voting closing about 1-2
hours prior.
7. Best Game Development Tool / script. (not sure this one applies to
this per se, but it is a cool thought)

*note I didn't exclude web games per se, but perhaps we either have a
special catagory for that or just exclude them from their submissions.

There are many advantages to doing something like what I am suggesting
above and I believe they are fairly obvious.  As of right now I would
like to have 3-5 people assist with this, but beyond that I am leaving
it open to suggestions for now.

--- Item 2.

I would like to run a small-ish game competition for the con, where
perhaps a week or month or so in advance of the con, the rules are
released.  Then the option is open to all to submit a game until about
a week before hand, when judges pick the finalists for the con.
Perhaps the timing needs tweaked.  Think something like Pyweek

Let me know what you all think.  I believe we could possibly get some
sponsors for this on board as well to donate prizes and such.


Rich Elswick

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